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...For good is all that helps the individual and the world towards their divine fullness, and evil is all that retards or breaks up that increasing perfection. But ...good and evil are also shifting quantities and change from time to time their meaning and value.

--Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man

Monkster and I were gifted with a very belated wedding gift last week, a check. We both had the inspiration to use the dough only to advance our musical aims, even though we need the money for more practical things. So I will be going into a studio to record drums for my next record, and M. will also do some recording and mixing of his band's latest.

I know basically how to work that infernal 8-track in the basement now, so I can handle all the overdubs at my leisure. I also intend to play most of the guitars except for a couple of slide parts.

This could be the coolest thing I've ever done, or a complete disaster. Somehow, I can't envision a middle ground. I'm counting on the former, though.

I have also decided that I am really, really tired of being broke all the time. I have never been homeless, I have never gone for more than a day w/o eating, but I have never been financially solvent, ever. That includes when I was a kid, cuz my parents were broke all the time, too. I also know that all my efforts to get out of debt or to earn what I need to live on have been futile, so I'm going to see if this organization might help.

Now, some of the people who read this page know me in real life, so I guess the "anonymous" part isn't going to hold, but I have no embarrassment about stuff like this. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. If I start spouting 12-step slogans, please bonk me over the head with a large chair.

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