newest entry 2002-12-05 6:15 p.m.

I've been wearing pajamas with shoes all day, even into the outside world. It's one of those days.

God, the snow is beautiful!! It makes all the chores and things more fun.

On the big Chicago drive I brought along a slew of CDs, including some new ones I hadn't heard yet: the Strokes CD (yes, incredibly, I hadn't heard but one song from it so far) and an old Dirt Merchants record that i just discovered in the 88-cent bin.

I tried to separate my distaste for Strokesmania from my experience of their music, but I still wasn't moved. Nothing jarred, it was all OK, but I have no great desire to go back and listen again. (Note to self: you have ended up loving a lot of records that were just kinda blah on first listen).

The Dirt Merchants CD is good drivin' music. They sound like...a mid-90s indie band from Boston, which is exactly what they were (they have since disbanded). That is not to dismiss them, I happen to enjoy that sound a lot (thick bass sounds, sweetly distorted guitars and sing-song female vocals.) Very cohesive and band-oriented, not really songwriterly. I like the CD enough that I ordered the singer's latest band's CD from

This'll be my last entry for a couple of days--tomorrow, if the weather clears, Monkster and I are headed to San Diego for the weekend to celebrate MonkeyMom's 60th birthday. Her sister is treating everyone to a weekend at a resort. Dude!

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