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All the faults of our mind--our selfishness, ignorance, anger, attachment, guilt, and other disturbing thoughts--are temporary, not permanent and everlasting. And since the cause of our suffering--our disturbing thoughts and obscurations--is temporary, our suffering is also temporary.

--Lama Zopa Rinpoche

It's a monkey Thanksgiving!

Some odds and ends today before my trip to Chicago for Thanksgiving (we're driving so we can bring Coney, who will meet his five canine cousins).

Remember I mentioned that Merry from my old yoga center asked me if I'd like to co-direct the place with her at the start of 2003? Well, that offer has evaporated. Long story short, she expanded the duties of the current manager to include much of what I would have been doing as co-director. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Easy come, easy go.

The other day I received this e-mail:

If you are a Time Traveler I am going to need the following:

1. A modified mind warping Dimensional Warp Generator # 52 4350a series wrist watch with memory adapter.
2. Reliable carbon based, or silicon based time transducing capacitor.
I need a reliable source!! Please only reply if you are reliable. Send a (SEPARATE) email to me at:

So, of course I responded, but from a pseudonymous e-mail address.

Today I got a response:

Hello, I am going to need the modified mind warping DWG 52 4350a with memory adapter to start, I will offer you $5,000 2002 US funds for that. Which memory adapters do you have for it? Next I am going to need a reliable time transducing capacitor or temporal displacement unit. Which models do you have? I wish to be fair in price with you, So I will also offer you $5,000US for this as well. I am also going to need a time stopping finger ring. $5,000 for that as well.
I would prefer to do business in person. How soon can you deliver? Do you have access to teleportation?Thank You
If I disappear in a mysterious fashion, e-mail this guy and see what happened.

Finished Enduring Love last night. Yowza. It's a novel about love and science, about signals and signifiers and unspoken communication and mental illness. Like Atonement, it echoes the idea that we all live inside the drama in our own heads, and rarely get a chance to break free from that and really understand anyone else.

McEwan is an amazing writer--he ties together ideas and emotions seamlessly, and describes the minutiae of everyday thought and feeling with a microscopic eye. He's not a cheerful writer, and I have a feeling that his earlier stuff will be darker and less redeeming. Today I'm starting Amsterdam.

More late-breaking ape news! This is incredibly cool, actually.

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