newest entry 2002-11-19 12:37 p.m.

I am listening to Unwound's Leaves Turn Inside You and it's my day off. LTIY is dense and mildly captivating....It suits my current dreaminess. I have work to do, but I have all day to get it done.

Coney is outside with the increasingly oafish Bubba, who taunts and needles and hectors him daily. His favorite new thing is to seize one of Coney's legs in his teeth and pull it up off the ground. Bizarre.

At half Bubba's size and age, Coney is clearly the top dog in this relationship, though. He just stands there impassively, almost contemptuously, as Bubba tries to rile, and then saunters away and finds something else to do.

I don't want to judge poor Bubba--he is adorable and his guardians (the women next door) are good people.

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