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A questioner asked the Buddha: "Life seems a tangle-- An inner tangle and an outer tangle. This generation is hopelessly tangled up. And so I ask the Buddha this question: Who will succeed in disentangling this tangle?"

The Buddha replied: "When a wise one, thoughtful and good, Develops a greater consciousness, He will understand the tangle. As a truth follower, ardent and wise, He will succeed in disentangling the tangle."

--Samyutta Nikaya

Tales of a "spectacular attack" certainly put a damper on the weekend, but once again we're left with the question, "What are you supposed to do?"

These days I'm given to reading my news in the Christian Science Monitor, cuz they report with a clear eye, and then they provide a soothing spiritual perspective on the news.

And here's a piece from the Boston Phoenix that combines my least favorite topic (war) with my most favorite (primates).

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