newest entry 2002-11-14 10:51 p.m.

Cookie, Cookie Boy and I went to NJ to visit our sister Sally on this perfect fall day. I was able to take the ferry from Brooklyn to Manhattan, and then another one from Manhattan to Hoboken (and then the train from Hoboken to Ridgewood). I felt like Walt Whitman, traveling only by water and train.

The Brooklyn ferry was already on its way when Monkey and got to it this morning. The deckhand (well, I dunno, what do you call them?) saw us, and pulled back up to the dock so we could embark. All the passengers were smiling kindly at us as we got on. How I love the ferry!

Tonight we went to see a friend of ours give a reading associated with a very trendy literary magazine...all I can say is, these young hipsters are a droll and precious lot, are they not? And the fellows are so wimpy. It kills me. Gimme the punk rock over deadpan drollery any day of the week, thank you.

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