newest entry 2002-11-05 12:10 p.m.

Didja vote, didja vote?

I had an intra-booth epiphany. I went in there knowing who I was going to vote for, but when the time came, I made some major changes, as if my switch-flicking hand had a mind of its own.

I owe it to both last-minute research on some of the local candidates (those are the choices I feel most concerned about) and also the insidious and effective meme-weaving of some friends of mine in a certain party who shall go nameless...

I subbed a class at IYI last night, the first time in 6 weeks....The general disorganization of the place and the addlepatedness of many of its key people were in full effect last night, making me glad that I don't teach there regularly anymore.

And yet, after class, some shining-faced young mohawked lad came up to me, thanking me for the class, beaming about how he's just discovered yoga and how much he loves it...and gosh-darn if all my annoyance and irritability didn't dissolve into a big sapphire puddle of love. It's hard to be bitter and jaded when this sort of thing happens. IYI rocks, in its own gentle way.

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