newest entry 2002-11-03 11:49 a.m.

Today is Marathon Day and the race route goes right past our block. We just spent an hour cheering the folks on.

I love watching the runners: the elite front-runners, the stragglers at the back, the people running for causes, the wheelchair division....It's all very compelling--the triumph of effort over inertia and people of all nations and ability levels coming together. I knew one of the contestants this year, so we got to cheer her on as she passed.

And of course, we got to take home some nice fleece accessories that the runners peeled off at the third mile. Hey, everyone else was doin' it!


It's 3:46 now. On my way home from the gym I saw this fellow plodding up 4th Avenue in a deep-sea diving outfit surrounded by supporters and camera crews.

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