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Watched The Panic Room yesterday...Now, for those of you who’ve seen it, would you say that the three intruders represent id, ego and superego, and their differing approaches to succeeding in the world of mammon? A quick web search tells me that we are divided, as a people, on the meaning of the panic room itself and the three burglars.

Some folks liken the room to the the womb, others to the process of filmmaking. (But those people are freaks.)

Others wonder if the room and its various inhabitants represent our exclusionist society or even post-9/11 America itself.

I was happy to see Jodi Foster back onscreen, until I remembered what a stiff actress she actually is. I like her as a person, though. And the two female characters in this one were terrifically strong—we don’t see enough pre-teen characters that are allowed to be both vulnerable and tough without overdoing either.

Anyway, w/o giving anything away, that last shot of Forest Whitaker is a powerful statement about the ephemeral nature of money and goals in general.

I think about death every single day. Do you? Not in a morbid way, just knowing that this could be my last day. That knowledge doesn’t enhance my life in any measurable way, but I suppose it helps me stay awake. And yet not so awake that I’ll pass up a chance to play computer solitaire when I could be finishing lyrics.

Have a nice weekend.

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