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My father was never very responsive to music, he could take it or leave it. But one time, back in the day, we were driving around in the big ol’ family station wagon on a Sunday drive, all the kids in their respective places (which meant Cookie and I were in the “way back”), and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (this was a few years after its chart presence, but not long after—I am ancient) came on the radio. He turned it way up and got kind of quiet (he’s not a quiet guy) and afterwards said, “Kids, Paul Simon is a genius. For that song alone, he should be…revered.” I had never heard the word “revered” before, but I got the meaning by his tone of voice.

Today I was on hold with the IT department, and the Muzak version of “Solsbury Hill” came on. It filled my heart with joy. Kids—that Peter Gabriel is a genius. For that song alone, he should be revered.

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