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Had dinner at GeneClark and Songbird’s home last night, a fun and cozy time. They are both engaging people who are easy to be around. They live in one of those "modern" apartment buildings from the 50s with a sunken front entrance...their across the hall neighbor is a pimp with a bad temper, but other than that they seem to have a peaceful life over in Gramercy (Murray Hill?)

One of the weird aspects of living in NYC is that despite your best efforts, it’s hard to see your friends as often as you’d like. Crazy schedules and an abundance of extracurricular activities can make the periodicity of socializing rather unpredictable.

I wonder if the length of time it takes to switch from sleep to wakefulness is proportional to the intelligence of a varmint. I notice that Coney is just as sleepy-headed in the morning as we are. It’s really cute to watch him go through the requisite yawning and stretching and somnambulatin’ before he really gets going in the morning. Good lord, will I love my own children as much as I love this dog? This recent study has certainly put me off the idea of having kids anytime soon.

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