newest entry 2002-10-01 7:21 a.m.

OK, false alarm. I'm not ready to quit teacher training, I was just being melodramatic. Last night's session was pretty enjoyable... I'm going to stick this out for my own good, and let it take me wherever it is I'm supposed to go. Maybe that means writing about yoga instead of teaching it. Maybe it means something else entirely. Maybe it just means remembering how to be in a community again, how to be part of a team and trust other people and let my inner guidance have the final say instead of my inner gremlin .

I had a dream last night that took place in a room that was a perfect amalgamation of Rob Petrie's office (mind you I haven't seen the Dick Van Dyke Show in twenty years) and my junior-high music classroom. In the dream, a friend of mine said she had reviewed my album and posted it online. "And I say in the review that I bet you're great in bed--is that OK?" And in the dream, my thought was, "I guess that's OK. I'll have to look up the review on Google."

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