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Coney spazzes out gleefully anytime we hit small patches of soft dirt on our walks, so you can imagine his delight when we took him for his first Brighton Beach jaunt yesterday morning. Unfathomable stretches of sand to galumph around on, dig holes in, roll around in...He romped in the surf and tried to eat clamshells and charmed all the old Russian ladies in their swimcaps.

Then we took him to Sheepshead Bay for his first doctor's appointment. This vet came highly recommended by one of the many blase housewives who frequent the local dog run. Coney got all his shots, and got his ears cleaned out (we have to repeat this twice a day for 10 days til his infection is gone) and the doctor took a blood sample. It's so weird to see other people man-handle him, but he's a good sport.

As we walked him to the car, a very nice old man stopped to pet him, and asked us if we have a regular vet. He then sung the praises of the vet we'd just seen, saying what a nice guy and gifted doctor he is. So that's two unsolicited recommendations for this fellow, and that made me feel good.

FilmThreat just got a good copywriting job in Hawaii, so he and Hepburn are moving there, post-haste. I was so amused by the news that it didnít occur to me to feel wistful until Wednesday, when we had lunch together. Theyíre going to stay with us on their last weekend here, though, so weíll have some quality time with them before they go.

Lately Iíve been so overcome with disgust at the amount of litter in Sunset Park that Iíve decided to try to do something about it. I donít know what, yet, but I feel like Iím on a mission, like a spunky nun in a made-for-TV movie.

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