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We Sunset Park residents have a little secret and it involves a boat...

There's a free ferry service from our neighborhood to the Wall Street area. Not too many people take the ferry, so it's never get a complimentary Daily News...and you get to take a beautiful, smooth boat ride across the river in the dazzling morning sun (or dramatic morning drizzle, sometimes).

Monkster and I took the ferry yesterday, and then I worked at his office for five hours, assisting him on a marketing project. It was really fun. His co-workers are the nicest folks, all kind of bookish and weird.

We gave Coney his first bath last night...Sweet mother o' Jesus, is there anything cuter than a post-bath puppy?

Had a very pleasant interview this morning for another part-time job much like the one I have now...the guy is not only an executive/entrepreneur but a yoga teacher and serious meditator. And the office is about five minutes away from the one I'm in now, so it could all dove-tail quite nicely. I'll know by Monday if I got the job.

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