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Without fanfare, I taught my last class this morning at my local yoga studio. Starting September 23, I'll be taking my Intermediate Teacher Training at IYI.

Most people didn't realize it was my last day, which is fine, cuz I hate big goodbye scenes. But one woman brought me a card, which made me cry when I read it on the subway.

I have mixed emotions about not teaching at the center, but I'm looking forward to ITT. I know that asana practice and the teaching thereof is not the end of the line for me, but before I'm ready to give it up or go beyond it, I want to transcend some of the difficulties I've had with teaching.

One resistance I've encountered all along is the use of hands-on corrections. My physical corrections lack conviction, and I don't carry my authority in my body as much as I would like. i'm hoping I can get beyond this in ITT.

Another related roadblock is my ignorance of human anatomy. I get bored and restless when I read about anatomy, or take a fussy Iyengar-type class that focuses on skeletal or muscular minutiae ...and I want to get over that. It's good to know anatomy so that you can serve people.

In book news, I confess that I didn't wait to finish Silas Marner before I started my next mystery, A is for Alibi.

(I want to write a mystery set in the mid-90s indie scene and call it A is for Albini).

Silas is good, but I hit a dry patch with it. And then there was Natalie G's book which I'm still enjoying...

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