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Did you know that Natalie Goldberg came out with a book in 2000? Where was I? Why wasn't this shouted from the rooftops? I just discovered it in the library yesterday (along with a wonderful S.F. Seals CD and a really cool book about having a dog in NYC).

Natalie G. (and you can also substitute the name "Chrissie Hynde" in here) is one of those artists whose first work occupies such a deep chamber of my heart that I will still drop everything (even my diminishing expectations) to consume a new work.

I'm happy to say, however, that Thunder and Lightning is Natalie's quiet return to greatness. It is wise and witty and real, and even practical and useful. It pays particular attention to plot and structure, as a complement to the "free writing" wisdom of her other books. I'm savoring this one....

We are going to host a friendly white basset mix in our home next week, as a first step towards adoption.

I had a big fight with Miss Cookie today, and like a portentious dream, I can't shake it off. It was pivotal in our relationship and in my understanding of her (and me).

Cookie is big on yelling and hurling invective, and that usually intimidates me. This time I decided to let her yell all she wanted, and to listen closely, weighing accusations truthfully, even the mean ones: "Is this true? Can I know this to be true?" And I'd have to say that about half the things my sister screamed at me today were probably accurate or slightly exaggerated. The rest I could honestly say, "No, I don't think that's really true. This is her business. I can let this go."

Mind you, I didn't enjoy the fight--it was regrettable and avoidable, a walk down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood. But, like that dark alley walk, no matter how ill-conceived it was, it was still educational.

Naughty yogis in the news....

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