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When the ear hears, observe the mind. Does it get caught up and make a story out of the sound? Is it disturbed? You can know this, stay with it, be aware. At times you may want to escape from the sounds, but that is not the way out. You must escape through awareness.

-Ajahn Chah

A relaxing weekend...

Friday night Monkey's band played, and although I was bone-tired and not feeling very social, I felt obligated to go, if only to meet his exgirlfriend who was coming to New York for the first time in five years.

To my great relief, she was friendly and drunk, mostly here to escape the oppressive details of her upcoming wedding and drown her anxieities in vats of beer We got along great. She's an osteopath, of all things.

Saturday, we went to BARC in Williamsburg to test-drive some mutts. I fell in love with a stunning pointer-dalmatian mix, but he was completely insane and ended up scratching AMA in three places. There was also a nice pit-bull mix and a beaglesque number. We decided to keep looking, and we might come back and adopt the beagle.

Today's a domestic bliss day--cleaning, paying bills, grilling, recording Summer of Like again in the basement.

Did you know that this guy is the poet laureate of the United States?

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