newest entry 2002-08-10 12:01 p.m.

We're having a stoop sale, as we speak!

I love stoop sales, having them and visiting them. I love the primal act of barter, and the basic social interaction. So far we've made $5.00 and brushed up on our conversational Spanish...

Saw the Wilco movie last night with Nan and Stan and some other add-on guests.

It was...dull. There was very little dramatic momentum, despite some potentially interesting turns of fate, including being dropped by their label and losing an important member of the band.

The film contained every rockumentary cliche you can think of (stark b&w images of our lads walking along Chicago's lake shore...moody bus montages...arguments in the studio). I was uncomfortable with the reverence the film has for Jeff Tweedy, an inarticulate guy who in my estimation is a good but not outstanding songwriter or singer or personality. The talking-head shots of Rolling Stone's David Fricke in particular are hard to watch (not just because he gushes about the band like a teenage girl, but because he has an enormous, scary head).

On the positive side, there are some good live scenes that capture the band's chemistry, and a couple of yuks which come as a relief in the midst of all the gloom and ennui.

The film made me want to record again...I desperately want to be in the cozy, slightly gross creative atmosphere of a recording studio again. Big sigh!

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