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Where did July go? Where, oh, where?

Work has become interesting now that Iím re-learning PageMaker. Itís a jaunty liíl program, and itís improved a bit since I last used it (way back in í93 during my brief career as a magazine editor).

In addition to reading Camille (which I have only been able to get to infrequently), I picked up a used copy of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers yesterday. No, itís not a science fiction novel, itís more of a self-improvement thang, about expressing the shadowy qualities youíve repressed over the years in order to be more whole. I have come to despise self-help books, but this one at least raises some neat issues and isnít all, ďbe positive, dammit!Ē In fact, itís more about feeling comfortable with all the things that make you such a jerk.

I also found a used paperback of Jayne Anne Phillipsí Black Tickets, which I intend to read after Camille. J.P. is the author of the single greatest short story of our time, ďHow Micky Made ItĒ which I read in Rolling Stone magazine when I was in middle school. It is the short story that made me want to write short stories and read more of them. I wish I could find a copy of it and see if it holds up after all these years. Maybe itís better if I didnít.

In caffeinated beverage news, I have discovered green tea. It's not that it tastes good, but it tastes like goodness.

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