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Yoga, in the non-dual perspective, begins with the understanding that that there is nothing for us to achieve or become. We are already Being Perfection. We are complete as we are. There is no thing that we can add to ourselves to make us more perfect that we already are. In fact, any attempt to introduce a new transforming influence can only erect one more barrier to knowing ourselves.

--Richard C. Miller

Last night's CVB show was medicine for the soul, lemme tell ya.

My relationship with the Campers started back in about '84 or '85, when my then-beloved Michael Stipe, in an interview, lauded telephone free landslide victory. I picked it up and enjoyed the heck out of it, and continued following the band with affection and bemusement through the next couple of records.

Then along came Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart, and the bemusement turned to awe at their combination of chops, soul, smarts and eccentricity. It's one of my all-time favorite records. As I mentioned in this blog a while back, Key Lime Pie seemed like a real let-down after that, although when I listen to it now, I like it.

Anyway, after the Campers broke up, I kept up with all the splinter bands (particularly the prog-ish Monks of Doom) but always felt like (sniff!) somethin' was missin'....

Last night's show made me realize not just how great a band they were, but what a void they left after they broke up. I can't think of too many acts that have as much going for them as these guys did.

Oh, and they did perform the song "Tusk"...and it was amazing.

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