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The photo shoot is going swimmingly!

We're shooting in a comfortable and cavernous commercial studio off of Union Square, and we're making good time. All the posture pictures have been taken, and all that's left are the cover shot, the author photo, and some prop/still life shots.

As disappointed as I initially was when I was replaced as the model, I am now relieved and grateful at the turn of events. The model we do have is perfect in every way--she has a well-proportioned body, she's comfortable in the postures and in front of a camera, and she has apple-pie good looks. It was a sound decision to go with her (and she's doing it for fun--she's not getting paid!)

Everyone--the photographer, the assistant, the model, the editor-- is a breeze to work with, and Editrixie confided in me that this was the most tension-free book shoot she's ever done.

I had a good yuk yesterday--I'd brought in a Krishna Das CD to play so that the model would feel at home (she's a yoga teacher) and on its third go-round in the CD-changer, the assistant whined, "Do you have any other Harry Krishna CDs, cuz I'm getting a little sick of this one..."

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