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No eating of any kind of foods, no drinking of beverages!

Do not touch the blinds!

--signs covering every square inch of wall space in the Social Security office

Went running on the beach at Coney Island this morning--6:00 AM, sun already up but still casting that golden syrupy light you only get in the morning...the sky all velvet blue and the ocean looking unusually pure, like a big wet hug.

The air this morning was incredible--it felt like early fall, smelled like new schoolbooks and hope. We were surrounded by old Russian women in one-piece bathing suits and swimcaps, invigorating themselves in the frigid water.

I can't believe we live so close to this place...It felt like a little vacation.

After that I went to the above-mentioned SS office to apply for a replacement card (with the ultimate goal of getting my driver's license). I happened to be standing behind a blind man in full blind-man regalia (cane, sunglasses), and I was delirious from not sleeping, and I saw the "Do Not Touch the Blinds" sign and just burst out in hysterics. Oh, I'm sure he'd laugh, too, if he knew.

In eating-of-food news, we had dinner last night at a nice, solid American bistro on Houston Street called Jane . I commented to the Monkster that it was like eating at Banana Republic...and sure enough, the guy who designed the place is also responsible for creating the khaki twill erotica of BR.

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