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The sub-theme of L&A (body issues) and the cover story on this weekend's New York Times magazine section gives me an excuse to blab a little about my findings on carbohydrates and flab.

As I mentioned, I recently cut out most bread-related items from my diet. I eat protein in the form of soy and occasionally chicken, I eat carbs in the form of vegetables and fruit, and I eat fat in whatever form it happens to show up in. I try not to have one without the other two (although it happens, and it's not a huge deal). So it's a very casual Zone-type plan. I also drink water like my esophagus is on fire.

In a little less than two weeks of this eating plan (and really, I've only been strict about it since this past Sunday), I've managed to drop about 5 of my post-marriage, post-9/11 pounds without feeling hungry, cranky, deprived or neurotically calorie-crazy. I don't count calories at all, I just don't eat bread or overly-processed foods. Simple as that. Some of this is the loss of water-weight which gets retained when you eat a lot of flour-based food.

This morning out of curiosity, I tried on my long-abandoned leather pants (Gap size 4, which I think is about a 6 in real life), which I haven't been able to wear in over a year. I'm happy to report that I can zip them all the way up and even sit down in them--and then stand up again without a winch. This is good news in the Aquaplane household.

So I've discovered that exercise alone isn't what takes the weight off, because I've been exercising faithfully since January and it wasn't until now that I lost any weight. (No regrets there--exercise is what helps keep me sane).

I've also come to see that dieting doesn't have to be an unpleasant or self-abnegating experience--it's just another manifestation of mindfulness.

Hope this doesn't sound too ladies-magazine-ish for you folks--I think good eating habits are a cross-cultural, pan-gender concern.

OK, back to life. bye.

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