newest entry 2002-07-02 11:57 a.m.

It had to happen eventually...I actually had a good yoga class at my gym today. It was called Forrest Yoga, a style I've read about but never experienced. With its emphasis on strengthening the abs, it felt more like a Pilates class, but that's OK--sometimes it's good to find new ways of doing the familiar postures.

I got to spend a pleasant morning at the gym cuz my class at the fitness center was cancelled today--only one person showed up and the owner didn't want to take a loss...I guess it'll take time to build up the clientele. This is interesting information, because I've wanted to open a yoga center in Bay Ridge for the longest time, figuring the demand for it would be over-the-top. I'm glad I'm getting to see first hand how to start from scratch.

For my own sanity, I've been trying to approach everything I do as a meditative experience: sitting on the subway, navigating the jostling crowds at Grand Central, lifting weights, running, eating. And I tells ya, it's not all pretty (the boredom and discomfort of running on a treadmill, for example, is difficult to ride out without distractions) but I do feel less anxious, less needy, and less addicted to stupid things.

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