newest entry 2002-06-29 7:16 p.m.

Gotta make this brief cuz I'm on the go-go-go today.

So, after the sublime Motherless Brooklyn experience, I sought out some more of Lethem's books at the library, but the read-the-first-two-pages test really didn't bear fruit. None of his other books got I took out a novel by Dawn Powell, as well as the new Ayelet Waldman mystery and the new Jivamukti yoga book. I think the Jivamukti kids are pretentious and self-involved, but there's a great chapter on sequencing postures--yoga makes strange bedfellows, or summat.

Today was my first Saturday off in two years--I mean my first legitimate Saturday off where I could kick around and not watch the clock...I feel all fizzy inside. I ran in the park, took a class at Integral, bought an anniversary gift for my we're about to chow down. Talk to you later.

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