newest entry 2002-06-23 6:30 p.m.

"O Master, Tell me how to find Detachment, wisdom, and freedom!"

"Child, If you wish to be free, Shun the poison of the senses. Seek the nectar of truth, Of love and forgiveness, Simplicity and happiness."

--Ashtavakra Gita 1:1-2

The Monkster took me out for a drive in our coupe before. He said, "You can choose the CD!"

As we were spelunking around Brooklyn, listening to Big Star on this hot hot hot day, I had the thought like a bolt outta the blue, "I'm seeing all this for the last time."

It's as if I clicked into someone else's identity for a moment, and A.M.A. became someone else, too. We were much older, and seeing all the young people walking around felt ok: "Life goes on."

Very weird. Deeply sad. Maybe some dying soul used me as a pod for a few minutes. Or, more likely, perhaps I've been driven mad by the heat.

Have you lost or found anything interesting in the street today?

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