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A questioner asked the Buddha: "...How does a person become calm, independent, and not wanting to grasp at anything?" "A person does this," replied the Buddha, "by eradicating the delusion of 'I am.' By being alert and attentive, he begins to let go of cravings as they arise. But whatever he begins to accomplish, he should beware of inner pride. He must avoid thinking of himself as better than another, or worse or equal, for that is all comparison and emphasizes the self.

--Sutta Nipata

Byron Katie was in town this week, and offered a free talk/workshop yesterday in midtown. Monkey and I attended. The Monkster has a far lower tolerance for things self-helpish than I do, and even he enjoyed the workshop. In fact certain themes from Katie's talk continually surfaced in our conversation throughout the day.

BK is a one-woman army fighting the war on projection and, with the profoundly helpful technique called "the 4 Questions" she is succeeding.

Happy Father's Day!

Monkeys in the news.

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