newest entry 2002-06-09 10:31 a.m.

Those whose consciousness is unified abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace. But those whose desires are fragmented, who are selfishly attached to the results of their work, are bound in everything they do.

--Bhagavad Gita 5:12

Was delighted to finally, after all this time, receive the "Nigerian with millions of dollars" e-mail today. It's like a rite of passage.

Interested to see that is back.

Our depraved lifestyle: last night, through the auspices of Netflix (which apparently is one of the few dot-coms to be kicking ass these days), we watched Recess: The Movie. It was cute but not as good as the TV show. Then we went out to our local watering hole to hear our friend KidBklyn play. And today we are going to a cocktail celebration of the marriage of some friends of ours who eloped in Vegas last month.

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