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Yesterday the theme was "Crazy guys yelling on the street." I passed no less than 4 screamin' wobblers yesterday in my journey around town, one of whom was yelling directly at me. Is it the nice weather that brings this out in people? It is a challenge to feel compassion in the face of someone's rage, but I suppose it also a test.

Class last night was golden. It was my last night of mentoring my teacher trainee--she taught sarvangasana and matsyasana, and a did a good job. Her voice is a little quiet, but that can be soothing. I'll miss having her in my class.

Matsyasana is a misunderstood posture. People don't seem to want to stay in it very long--it is a little unnatural to have the neck stretched back like that--but as long as you're doing right, you should be able to hold it indefinitely. It really opens up the heart.

Today's Questionnaire

Your pseudonym:
Your town: 

My favorite method for dealing with street screamers:
I do my best to ignore them
I silently pray for them
I scream/talk back at them

Tell me about a time when you feared for your safety on the street. What did you do?

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