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Mahatma Gandhi was a revered yogi, and chose to live a rugged ascetic lifestyle. He often went barefoot and as a result, developed very rough skin on his feet. He ate a sparing vegetarian diet, including many beans, and developed bad breath.  He also went on a number of fasts, which caused him to become somewhat weak. 

He was a "Super-calloused fragile mystic with extra halitosis".

--Source unknown

Happy June!

Today's Times mag mentions a service called home exchange, where you swap vacation houses with other people (thus allowing your home to "see other people" without anyone getting hurt.). Neat idea.

I'm teaching a private "stress mangement" session today. As I was typing up a hand-out, I realized that this would be a nice service for people who didn't want to commit to a full-fledged yoga practice. I think I will make up a new batch of flyers...

In blog news, I discovered and registered with a wonderful site called NYC Bloggers. It organizes the blogs by subway station, thus creating a network of communicators.

Reading too many blogs in a given session can feel a little sugary (i.e. info overload and not usually very intellectually challenging), but on the whole, I think blogging is an important social activity. While it can be an exercise in self-absorption, it can also be a wondeful way to get out of your own head. It all depends on your intention. I prefer blogs with a theme, of course, but sometimes just keeping up with other people's day-to-day activities is sweet.

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