newest entry 2002-05-27 9:46 a.m.

Mixed feelings about the Times article on the collapse of the Twin Towers, but those of you outside of the New York region may want a chance to read it for yourselves.

Update: It's 12:21. About ten minutes ago, we heard a plane roaring overhead--not an unusual thing, but it was really fucking loud. It was very close. We ran into our backyard, as did every other ground-floor dweller on our block, and gazed up into the air, bracing for a crash of some sort. None came, thank God. Then we all looked around at each other with wide eyes, the international body language of "What the--?". Maybe it's an air show for Memorial Day.

Yup--that's what it is. I went for a run along the Bay, and saw fighter planes and squat little dragonfly helicopters circling around in a most entertaining fashion. The Verrazano is swallowed up in fog, an arresting sight.

You look lovely today.

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