newest entry 2002-05-22 4:37 p.m.

Fred C. Dobbs, who in addition to being Brooklyn's best drummer, has an astonishing amount of information in his melon, remarked:

"I found your reference to "Army planes" in today's blog nicely quaint--just because I'm an annoying buff I have to point out that the Army hasn't had planes since just after WW II. Before then, US military aircraft did in fact belong to either the Army or the Navy. After WW II they created a separate US Air Force, but the Navy got to keep their planes ("top gun") probably because they have aircraft carriers and stuff. In fact, the planes you heard might have been Navy planes from the USS JF Kennedy aircraft carrier, which is in the area for Fleet Week."

Duly noted, Cap'n!

Today was a swellific day! It was the first normal spring day we've had in weeks.

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