newest entry 2002-05-21 5:27 p.m.

This is just so crazy it might be true....Not that I am convinced by the writer's opinion about how Ted Olson "should" have behaved and felt after his wife's death, but the stuff about the airplane-phone and the collect call is interesting. And why is it that passengers aboard the hijacked planes were allowed to make calls (unless of course, the hijackers wanted the P.R. which does make sense), and why did Beamer call the operator instead of his wife? Hmmm.

Had an interview at the world's most enthusiastic temp agency today. It was dang near surreal...everyone was flamboyantly, Disneyland-esque "you-go-girl" friendly and positive, but given that most temp agencies treat their slaves like crud, this was a very welcome change. I think they may have found me a part-time job downtown, and that would really help right now!

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