newest entry 2002-05-12 7:02 p.m.

Discovered an insanely delicious new flavor of Ben & Jerry's, "Fudge Center." Good Lord.

Mother's Day weekend was good. I like my Mother-in-Law. She annoys Monkey, but I am learning to roll with her more irritating qualities. I think she will be a good, completely indulgent, crazy grandma, and for this I am glad, and wish she'd move from Chicago to New York.

Not much to report. Went to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a wedding present, then took a Bikram class with a low-key teacher who looks like one of the lesser, less spangly Kennedy's. I imagine he's from a wealthy Massachusetts family who wanted him to take over the family business, and he has let them all down by becoming a yoga instructor. They worry that he is gay. But he will make lots of money teaching, and will buy stocks wisely and become rich, and go back to Massachusetts and make his father proud.

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