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Monkey was working the Book Expo this weekend, and asked me to come by yesterday to see it. I got there at about 20 minutes til closing, so I missed this ridiculous episode. But I scored a couple of free CDs and magazines, and got to see some cool new books. The publisher of my imminent book had a huge display--it was exciting to see how big an outfit they actually are.

The book I saw yesterday--out in July--that excited me most was Babar's Yoga for Elephants. Combining my two great loves!

I taught my first intermediate class yesterday--it felt OK. Not great, not awful. I don't want to just teach a more physical demanding class--I want to go deeper with the pranayama, the philosophy, the meditation, or else what's the point?

Saw Spiderman. Delightful, funny, gorgeous to watch. Truly an action flick with heart.

Today I babysat for CookieBoy as Miss Cookie worked on a freelance project in the next room.

It amazes me how much he changes from week to week. Suddenly he's this smiling, interactive human with snuggling capabilities. We napped on the couch a lot (well, he was asleep, I was awake) which was meditative. Pure bliss. Oh, and I changed my first diaper and had my first encounter with this crazy contraption that has put me off sausage for the near future.

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