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OK, more notes about the show last night, although there's much more I'd like to say and don't have time.

What I'm learning about singing is that, on a strictly physical level, one needs to keep the entire area from the belly to the sinuses open open open. For whatever reason, I have never fully been able to get a handle on this required openness. But over time, it's happening more and more. Last night I think I let it happen a lot, and achieved a stronger vocal sound than usual. I also found that having one glass of red wine beforehand (I usually don't do this) dried out my palate and made it less flexible, so I shan't do that again.

Despite Candlestickmaker's lack of regard for practicing, he still really came through (he's a great musician), but I don't want to put myself in that anxiety-producing situation again. From now on, I work with pro's, or with people who have demonstrated more than just a theoretical enthusiasm for playing. There are no unimportant gigs.

One of the respondents to my Voice ad was at the show last night, and we talked for a bit afterwards. He seems pretty focussed and observant, and asked intelligent questions about the songs and about my goals for the band, etc. I hope to God he plays well.

Tonight Monkey has a show!

I bought the new Elvis CD today. I loooove the first song, "45", although I already had a bootleg of it cuz I am so cool and tasty.

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