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Glorious Saturday!

Courtesy of Fortune's blog, here's a link to a chat with Rodney Yee. I love that he can talk about weight training and a spontaneous kundalini release in the same conversation. I've met and taken classes with Yee and he is the real deal: humble, natural, seamlessly blending the mundane with the sublime in his teaching.

I have been reading Byron Katie's new book--it is knocking me out verily. First, she gets street cred for being married to (I didn't know this til I read the intro of her book) Stephen Mitchell, who is responsible for some of the most sympathetic translations I've ever read of Rilke, the Baghavad Gita, the Psalms, etc. She is another eloquent voice in the world of nonduality.

Day two of listening to Grandpa Boy and it still rocks. It's basically in the Replacements mode, so if you've been a little yawnish about PW's recent solo releases, this'll do ya.

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