newest entry 2002-04-24 2:47 p.m.

Well, all that talk of asana is moot now--Merry offered me an intermediate class to teach, and I'm psyched. It won't start for another month, so I have time to prepare. It's energizing to have something to look forward to, and something to motivate my own practice. I will also sub an intermediate class next Sunday to get into the groove.

Meanwhile, I lost that P/T reader job before I even interviewed--the man found someone he liked and didn't want to sit through a bunch of interviews. It's funny, because I suspected that he would do that, so I strategically scheduled my interview earlier than the times he offered. But someone else interviewed even earlier. Drat!

The next week is all about getting myself up to speed for my class next Sunday and my gig next Friday. And, uh, of course it would be really great if I could find some work! I'm back to calling temp agencies. No dice, so far. But one good P/T job is all I need.

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