newest entry 2002-04-23 8:40 a.m.

Monkey's brother sent us his old computer, so I am comin' at you on an OS's a revelation. Even with our slow connection, this contraption makes computin' much easier. The color card is better, too, so the colors really pop.

Hopefully this means we'll spend less time on the computer cuz we won't have to wait around for pages to load. I know, that sounds like faulty logic, but humor me.

I have an audition of sorts this week, for a part time job where I'd be reading to a blind person and helping him with his writing projects and correspondence. We talked on the phone last night--he seems very nice.

If I can keep adding little streams o' income to my life like this, I can become solvent again and I won't have to completely overhaul my life and get a full-time corporate job. Er, not that anyone's banging on my door to give me one!

Merry is also considering giving me another class to teach--that would help. We discussed this yesterday. She had some reservations about letting me teach an intermediate class, citing the fact that my classes are the "least physically demanding" of all the classes at the center. She reasoned that my version of an intermediate class would be too easy for people. This is grist for the mill--hearing stuff like that and not letting it make me feel like a complete spazz-mo-tron.

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