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Speaking of Kate Braverman, I dug up a book of short stories of hers that I'd bought last year and never finished (not because the stories weren't good, but because I just wasn't in the mood for 'em). I am really glad I gave this book another chance. Like all her other books, it's so lyrical. She is like Hal Hartley, in that there is never any attempt to make characters sound like themselves, merely like spokespeople for the auteur. Every line of dialogue in her work sounds like an incantation. Her stories are about real things--very real emotions--but they are told in a loopy, fever-dream style that has little to do with how real English is spoken.

The other day I had some bodywork done by a friend--an energy balancing thang called Bowen Technique. Like all of the "body arts", I found it pleasant and relaxing while it was happening, but I didn't feel any particular effects afterwards. My friend threw in a free tarot card reading, which was fun. Now that I can get behind, because it's therapeutic. I really got to spill my guts to her, and I felt much lighter after that.

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