newest entry 2001-11-01 12:49 p.m.

I am not a baseball fan, but I am pleased--giddy, even--that the Bronx Bombers won last night, tying the World Series. I would feel mighty sad for this city if they were trounced by the Diamondbacks (especially since "Diamondbacks" is a hideous name for a team).

Now playing: Seattle's most underrated and glorious band. If ya like psych-pop, the Byrds, and such, the Green Pajamas will make yr day.

I am up to page 25 in The Corrections and although it's a downer from word one, I am enjoying the writing. I still refuse to tote it around on subways, but I will read it happily in my warm November living room.

November! It's a new month.

My goals for 11/01:

  • finish writing my book by 11/12/01

  • rehearse for gig on 11/24

  • plan T-giving dinner

  • exercise for 30-45 minutes every day

  • buy a plant

    Finally, I want to marvel at a new product which fascinates me: Listerine Pocket Paks. They are little strips of coagulated mouthwash, which dissolve on the tongue in a shocking burst of minty freshness. I envision a world, soon, where strips are the new gel...where all formerly liquid or gelled substances are available in strip form. I hug myself with glee at this dream of a perfect future.

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