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I guess I should explain that "not as successful as my peers" comment.

I'm a songwriter--I am completely in love with music. Not to overstate the case, but when it comes right down to it, music is the thing that I keep coming back to. When relationships disappoint, when my faith in God fails me, when my faith in myself fails me, I can always listen to the Replacements' PLEASED TO MEET ME or the Soft Boys' UNDERWATER MOONLIGHT and be refreshed and renewed and excited about life again.

I started writing songs in high school....didn't take it or my talent too seriously. It was a way to blow off steam and frustration, but at the time I was more identified as a fan of music than as a musician. Later on, in college, songwriting became more of a refined craft, something that, I realized, could be done with skill and precision and a more sustained concentration to detail. Still, it was mostly for me. I sat in my lonely li'l bedroom and wrote and sang softly into a tape recorder....the shy girl with a punk heart...I'd like to add that this was before "shy girl with punk heart"/indiegrrl was the boring cliche that it is in 2001. I had few female role models besides my beloved Chrissie Hynde and the kooky Kristen Hersh, and I didn't actually write like either of them but more like Elvis Costello or Robyn Hitchcock...

Anywaze, after college I was working at a ridiculous job and was bored and miserable and lost, and one day I said, "I have to start a band. No more excuses." It wasn't so much an ego-driven thing (well...) as a sense of evangelical fervor. I wanted the band to be my little punk rock ministry. iw wanted to express all the beauty and sadness and triumph of spirit in the world, but in my own way.

TO BE CONTINUED...must go back to work...

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