newest entry 2001-11-18 8:34 a.m.

I seem to be back in the swing of teaching--I have felt inspired all week. I think it was just when I was sitting in front of the computer, writing in 10-hour stretches, that my body and mind started splitting and teaching became alien to me.

The meditation gathering last night was really small, but one very old guy came--I mean, ancient. Monkey and I had to literally pull him up off the floor afterwards, with a reinforcement pushing from behind. But he loved meditating, and wants to come back next week.

Monkey and I tried to see Monsters, Inc. but it was sold out, so we rented O, Brother Where Art Thou? and Legally Blonde, and then let our temporary dog (yes, we're dog-sitting again!) choose which one to watch. She chose LB--yay! I love really awful movies like this, that closely follow Aristotelian forms and leave no room for surprises or innovation.

Monkey was amused but hardly surprised that I got choked-up at the ending...I love movies about girl-power and women helping women, and this is how desperate we are as a culture that we have to get that from a silly Reese Witherspoon flick.

And now, we prepare for Thanksgiving!

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