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Visitor: The Self is formless, so how shall I concentrate on it?

Ramana Maharshi: For now, leave alone the Self, which is intangible for you, because it is formless. You feel the mind is tangible for you. Know the nature of the mind as it truly is, and this will do fine.

In other words, don't get your knickers in a twist. Start from where you are.

Gee, Happy Hanukah from the peace-lovin' JDL.

Last night, FilmThreat and I had a pleasant dinner at the wonderful Flor's Kitchen, and then saw my old pal Meredith's band play at the Lakeside Lounge. I hadn't seen her band in years, and they have really solidified. It was inspiring to hear Creedence-infused rock music, just churned out unpretentiously in the unpretentious atmosphere of the Lakeside. Good stuff, that.

Today, I will finish my book proposal, make lip balm, apply for more jobs, and take a vinyasa class.

There is a weird rumbling in the sky--helicopters? Fighter jets? Anything loud in the sky makes me drop everything and take note.

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