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It's my birthday! I have never had a bad birthday, and this one so far is right up there.

AMA took me to my favorite breakfast place, then we took our li'l dog-sitting mutt to the Prospect Park dog run. Now, the last time we took Temp Doggie to a dog run, she was a wallflower, or picnic-table-flower if you will. Today, she sparkled! She played and ran with the other dogs, sniffing every butt (canine and human) in sight, running after rubber balls, etc. We had a lovely time. As far as the eye could see were dogs and their people, and it was all Groovy, all Love.

AMA gifted me with the first three Peter Gabriel albums on CD, which was quite excitin', as I'm experiencing a PG renaissance lately, and cassettes just don't cut it! Right now I'm listening to the first one, with PG sitting sullenly in his rain-drenched car. It was his, "I'm free from Genesis, I'm a solo act! I shall make every track sound completely different!" album. PG has influenced my songwritin' more than I care to admit.

Anyway, after that, I meditated and then taught a class full of really nice people. Tonight I think we're going to see Kissing Jessica Stein.

R.I.P. Billy Wilder, Dudley Moore and Milton Berle

Here's a nice article.

"Stranded starfish have no place to hide... still waiting for the swollen Easter tide...."


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