newest entry 2001-12-10 3:04 a.m.

I am happy to report that I finally stumbled upon a full-fledged, written-out conspiracy theory regarding 9/11. I love a juicy conspiracy theory like I love a good/bad horror movie.

Monkey and I were on the train before, and overheard--well, the whole car overheard--an altercation between two strangers. This guy, who was sitting with his legs crossed, man-style, propping up a book, was taking up too much space on the seat, and the woman next to him was griping loudly. He called her a "fat-ass" and opined that he couldn't lower his leg down or he wouldn't be able to see. He meant "see his book" but the line was irresistibly funny, "I can't lower my leg--I won't be able to see!"

I am up really late lookin' for work! Time to sleep, though.

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