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A few months back in Diaryland I made a casual reference to wearing uncomfortable shoes to a job interview, and called it "foot torture." I didn't realize that "foot torture" was an official category of smut. Now at least every few days I get people hitting my site from Google searches on "foot torture." And now I suppose I'll get more.

I finally decided to check out one of these "foot torture" sites and all I can say is, "eek." There are some twisted people out there. I'd say "mother-f**ckers" but then I'd get a whole new audience of freaks.

I can only imagine the disappointment of someone who's in the mood to see violent images of, I dunno, bunion surgery and they wind up with my whiny diary instead.

I started reading Baron Baptiste's new book. He's a power yoga fella, also studied with Bikram, and his parents opened up some of the first yoga studios in California in the 50s. He seems a wee bit conceited but there isn't anything he's saying in the book so far that seems insincere or misleading. I read everything and anything I can get my hands on about yoga because interesting and freeing insights pop up when you least expect 'em.

Sometimes those insights come from your own heart: I was helping one of my students today in headstand. She was being all down on herself for not getting it completely (although she was doing great), so I felt guided to tell her that it's fortunate to have trouble with a posture. Because then you can really slow down and take it part by part and focus. You can confront your feelings about the posture, and watch all your physical and emotional reactions. If you could do the posture without a challenge, you wouldn't be learning anything. After that came out, I realized that it's exactly what I needed to hear about my own impatience with challenges. (Er, I think it helped her, too...)

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