newest entry 2002-03-30 1:40 p.m.

Before I knew it was going to be such a nice, sunny day, I went to the gym and ran on their brand new StarTrac treadmill. This schmancy contraption allows you to chart your course around a virtual track. This extra visual cue--and the softer impact and smoother ride of the treadmill itself--made it much easier to stay on for 55 minutes.

I am making up for having eaten a lot of junk food this week by exercising with a tad more vim, although I am growing less and less concerned about this extra 10 pounds that seems to want to stick around no matter what I do. You know, I'm healthy, I have energy, I know lots of good jokes--why do I need to be skinny? (Wow, that must be the endorphins talkin').

Kissing Jessica Stein was cute, fun, mostly predictable, although the ending was more interesting than the beginning and middle would lead you to expect. And I enjoyed seeing it at the new-ish Sunshine Cinema on Houston, right near the new (weird!) Howard Johnson's.

Afterwards, we supped at the incredible Kai Kai Kai Thai restaurant on First St. The food is yummy, cheap, and the place is inexplicably never crowded, even on the weekend.

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