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For as long as I've been playing out and concurrently working in an office, I've faced the quandry: Do I tell office-mates about gigs or not?

On the one hand, a co-worker may come to a show, and they end up liking your music, and then you hit it off and become better friends. This has happened a couple of times in my life.

On the other, theoretical co-worker may also come to your show, hate it, and then act all awkward around you at work. This, too, has happened.

And then there's the situation where you invite someone whose opinion matters more than you care to admit (a boss, say), and then you live in fear of their actually showing up, or worse, feel hurt that they didn't.

So my latest policy is this: I invite co-workers who have already demonstrated an openness to music, and a friendliness towards me. That way, we all win. If, during the course of my tenure at the office, someone else finds out I'm in a band and says, "Hey put me on your list," then I will gladly oblige.

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