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This past week I was thinking about The Spinanes and how much I liked their first album. I used to have it on cassette, a copy that someone had made me without song titles even. But the trebly, ragged sound of that record, coming out of the crappy speakers of my boombox, always felt comforting to me, and I associate it with my happy days in Hoboken, discovering how to be a songwriter.

Somewhere along the line I lost the cassette.

And then I'd always meant to buy their more recent things, but they broke up and there's something about buying CDs by bands who have already broken up that seems fatalistic somehow.

But, after my reminiscin', I made the firm decision this week to buy their first and second CDs when I get paid again.

Today at work, the label liaison folks were cleaning out their desks and got rid of about 500 promo CDs. And guess which two were among the first I laid my eyes on?

You betcha.

I love mystic rock and roll experiences like that!

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